What to expect in August!

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What to expect in August!

Evening everyone!
Well July really flew in and here we are with August nearly upon us!
We implemented quite a few changes in July with our new timetable and new website (i hope that you are all enjoying the changes!) to give you a heads up on the new timetable – here is the finalised version below:
We have already posted up the up-front programming for the week from 1st to the 6th of August – you can find it by following the link here.
In terms of programming, here is what to expect at Omnipotent CrossFit in August, and leading up to the end of the month.
August is going to be a very exciting month. We are finishing off our Snatch Priority programming and then starting something that we all love.. The next phase of training has 2 parts to it.
Phase 1 will start on August 18th and run till October 6th. We are running a Back Squat cycle and then second to that we are having sessions where we focus on Weighted Pull/Push movements and Bodyweight Pull/Push movements. This combination will be the majority of our strength training.
Phase 2 that will start directly after on October 7th until November 25th will have another Back Squat cycle (continue from Phase 1) and second to that will be Barbell Cycling sessions.
So this is a really wide overview on things, but each month we will let you know of important dates to focus on. We are really excited about this programming and we think the combination of what we are prioritising will work well leading up to next year and The CrossFit Open. Speaking about The Open we are doing 16.2,16.3,16.4 in August. This is about 6 months after The Open so it will act as a retest, and we will be sure to retest again at the end of February just before the 2017 Open.
Important programming dates to keep in your diary: August 2016
Thursday 4th – 5RM Back Squat
Thursday 11th – 16.2
Wednesday 17th – 1RM Snatch / 16.3
Monday 22nd – 16.4
Tuesday 30th – 1RM Clean and Jerk

Social calendar events for August 2016
Summer Series 2 – Genesis will be taking place on Saturday the 13th of August – the first summer series saw some tough events smashed by our fantastic community – all levels turned out and WODded hard on the Glasgow Green! If you never made it along to the last Summer Series but are interested in coming along to the second and third instalment – then it is not to late to get involved! It is completely free to enter and we would love as many of our members taking part as possible! Although I do not want to give the game away by telling you what the WODs will be ahead of time – what I will say is one of them will be a past games event and will be back out on the Green! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more information!
On Friday the 19th of August we will be having our next OMNIOPEN weightlifting competition – This is an all levels welcome comp. It is geared up to be a great continuation from the successful last comp we had. We had some big lifts at the last OMNIOPEN and it was such a fun environment to lift in – not like the normal stuffy weightlifting comp you will normally find.
We will be posting up more info on the OMNIOPEN as soon as we get the website up and running – but in the meantime we will keep you updated on this blog page!
On the 20th of August we will be organising a trip to perform a WOD at another box in or around Glasgow – We haven’t organised which box we will be travelling to to drop in for a WOD but for our first excursion out in a while we will keep it within the west of Scotland! If you have any requests for a location box to drop into then please get in touch via the Facebook page and let us know!
Last but by no means least – on Sunday the 28th of August we will be having our end of summer BBQ social event. It is posted up on the FB page that the BBQ will be being held at the Le-Blond Curtis ranch – but I have just been informed that we will have to find another location for this event – Don’t worry – the BBQ will be going ahead – Just with a different location – This social will be a great opportunity for all of the box to get together and let our hair down away from training and the box! Again – as always – check out the Omnipotent Facebook page for more information about these events by following the link here.

If you have any questions about any of the information above – please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Omnipotent CrossFit team by using the contact form below.
Fitness is more than your body. It’s about community, physical potential and changing your life. 

Coach TC

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