Weekly WOD Programming 6th – 11th May

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Weekly WOD Programming 6th – 11th May

Monday 6th May

45min EMOM
10 Strict Press
8 Strict Press
6 Strict Press
4 Strict Press
2 Strict Press
10 Push Press
8 Push Press
6 Push Press
4 Push Press
2 Push Press
10 Push Jerk
8 Push Jerk
6 Push Jerk
4 Push Jerk
2 Push Jerk
10 Back Squat
8 Back Squat
6 Back Squat
4 Back Squat
2 Back Squat
10 Front Squat
8 Front Squat
6 Front Squat
4 Front Squat
2 Front Squat
10 Deadlift
8 Deadlift
6 Deadlift
4 Deadlift
2 Deadlift
2 Squat Clean
4 Squat Clean
6 Squat Clean
8 Squat Clean
10 Squat Clean
2 Thrusters
4 Thrusters
6 Thrusters
8 Thrusters
10 Thrusters
2 Overhead Squats
4 Overhead Squats
6 Overhead Squats
8 Overhead Squats
10 Overhead Squats

Tuesday 7th May

Warm Up:
Row 400m
5 mins rope climb tech
3 Rounds:
1 Rope climb
10 Single arm PP (5R+5L)
12 Ab Mat Sit ups

18 Min AMRAP
14 Single Arm OH DB Lunge B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
15 V-Ups
3 Rope Climbs
WOD Brief:
Tuesday’s workout is a long 18 min AMRAP. We have a short set of OH lunges, with v-ups and rope climbs. The v-ups in the mid part of this workout will affect each movement differently. Lunge, will result in us falling into an arched position through the spine and rope climbs will become difficult to bring our legs up toward the torso to complete each pull of the rope climb. We should utilise each arm, each round for the OH lunges, swapping at the mid way point.
3×1 Min Weighted plank
90 seconds rest between efforts
Coach’s Intent:
Athletes will finish off today’s workout with 3×1 min weighted planks. The weight we use will not be overly heavy as likely we will fail mid way through the working period.

Wednesday 8th May

Warm Up:
500m run
3 Rounds:
5 Broad jumps
5 Barbell strict press
5 Barbell push press

Strict Press
20 mins to find 1RM
Coach’s Intent:
Our strength work today is putting all the pressing work we have been focussing on into action. As always when we are testing, we will allow 20 mins for our athletes to build up to their max.
Coaching the movement:
With a solid base underneath the body, athletes should take a deep breath in bracing the midline and glutes. Pulling the head back early we then press the bar from the shoulders. We are looking for a straight bar path from shoulder to overhead.
For Time (7-9 min cap)
300m Run
Push Press B: 42.5/30 G&R: 52.5/35
Box Jump Overs B: 20/16 G&R: 24/20
WOD Brief:
Workout today is short and fast. Two highly dynamic movements, athletes will move through this workout fast. They will be able to complete large sets of both movements with minimal rest. We would recommend short breaks through the push press. This will allow us to maintain form through the later reps.

Thursday 9th May

Warm Up:
Tabata: Down ups @75% ME
3 Rounds:
5 Hang squat cleans
5 Push jerks
12 Dynamic leg swings
10 Good mornings

6×2 Full Cleans @80% of 1rm
Sets every 2min
Coach’s Intent:
Our strength work today is focussing on the clean. We have 2 reps every 2 minutes for 6 sets.We are working at a high % of our 1rm. Athletes have plenty of time per rep. We do not want these reps rushed. They should take time in their set up before each rep.
Coaching the movement:
Athletes will deadlift the bar to the hip. Athletes will stand tall shrugging shoulders to their ears, pulling themselves underneath the bar, catching in a full squat with a high front rack position. Leading with the elbows as they stand out the bottom of the rep.
For Time (12 min cap)
3 Rounds
12 Bar hopping Burpees
4 Clean and Jerks B: 52.5/35 G&R: 80/52.5
3 Min Rest
3 Rounds
4 Clean and Jerks
12 Bar Facing Burpees
WOD Brief:
Our workout is 2 short little sprints with a rest between each. We have bar hopping burpees coupled with clean and jerks. Athletes should look to move as fast as possible through their burpees, taking a couple of breaths before completing singles to get through their clean and jerks. With 3 minutes rest they will complete the same movements, but in reverse. This time they will begin each round with the clean and jerks.

Friday 10th May

Warm Up:
Tabata: Plate hops + Russian DBL KB swings
3 Rounds:
30 Single unders
10 Air squats
10 Gymnastics Kips

Strict Pull Up
5×3 Weighted Pull Ups
*Increase weight each set Rest 2 mins between sets
Coach’s intent:
Our strength work today is continuing with our pull up focus. Athletes today will be working on their pulling strength. They will look to complete 5 sets of 3 weighted pull ups. The focus for this will be to increase the weight our athletes work at each set.
15 Min AMRAP
60m shuttle run
3 Power Snatch B: 42.5/30 G&R: 70/47.5
15 Pull Ups
3 Squat Snatch
10 TTB
WOD Brief:
Today’s workout is a long AMRAP, with high volume gymnastics and low volume barbell work. We are utilising both forms of the snatch, power and full. Performing single reps of both forms of snatch. With the gymnastics we want this completed in as little sets as possible, but small enough that we can drop from the bar and move with purpose to our next movement.

Saturday 11th May

Warm Up:
Ass Bike 400m
3 Rounds:
12 Scorpions
10 med ball good mornings
5 Standing med ball throws
5 Wall Balls

Partner Strength:
Death by partner Deadlift
Using a barbell loaded with the mean BW of you and your partner, partner 1 and partner 2 will perform 1 deadlift each in the first minute, two in the second, three in the third and so on and so forth until both partners are unable to deadlift their required amount of reps in a minute.
Score is the highest round of completed reps.
20min AMRAP
25 Deadlift B: 80/52.5 G&R: 100/70
50 Wall Balls B: 7/4 G&R: 9/7
Once the wall ball has been picked up it is not allowed to touch the floor until the 20min AMRAP has finished. For every drop of the ball there is a 5kg increase in the weight of the Deadlift barbell. Score at the end of the WOD is total load lifted.

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