Weekly WOD programming 4th – 9th June

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Weekly WOD programming 4th – 9th June

Monday 4th June
Warm up:
Row 400m
3 Rounds:
5 hang power cleans
5 front squats
5 strict press
20s HS hold

Box squat
6×3 @ 75% of 1rm
Pausing 2 seconds on the box
Coaches intent:
We have an accessory back squat session today. We are working on box squats focussing on the glute activation and drive from the box. Athletes will look to pause on the box but maintain tension throughout the body as they sit. It is very easy to lose tension in the midline and collapse under the bar.
For Time (9 min cap)
Hang Squat Cleans B: 42.5/30 G: 60/42.5
Strict HSPU – Scale to suit
WOD Brief:
Athletes have a weightlifting component coupled with strict gymnastics. This workout is also ascending reps. This means athletes should not fly out the gates super hot. They should stay more reserved and take time with their reps. It would be smarter for athletes to break up their SHSPU from the beginning into smaller manageable sets
Tuesday 5th June
Warm Up:
400m row
3 rounds:
5 DB hang power clean and jerks
5 ring pull ups
5 DB thrusters
5 HR push ups

1min Hanstand hold
1min rest
For time
25 Single Arm DB Push Press B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
5 Bar Muscle-ups – Scale to; 12 C2B; 18 Pull ups.
20 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
4 Bar Muscle-ups – Scale to; 10 C2B; 14 Pull ups.
15 Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
3 Bar Muscle-ups – Scale to; 8 C2B; 12 Pull ups.
10 Dumbbell Snatches B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
2 Bar Muscle-ups – Scale to; 8 C2B; 12 Pull ups.
WOD Brief:
Athletes have a variety of movements today. All with a dumbbell and ring muscle ups. As the reps decrease each round the technicality of the DB movement gets more difficult. All of this DB work is single arm work. They should look to share the load of each arm as to not fatigue too fast before moving into the next movement.
Wednesday 6th June
Warm Up:
500m run
3 Rounds:
10 Empty barbell good mornings
10 sweeps of the floor
8 med ball cleans

Athletic Capacity:
4 rounds for time of:
Farmers Walk (Dumbbell) G: 22.5/15 kg, 60 m
10 Toes-to-bars
Rest 1:30
Coaches intent:
Today we are continuing with our gymnastics cycle of TTB. this session is designed around completing reps under fatigue. Athletes will be fatiguing their grip and then looking at completing reps. If 10 reps is too many for athletes they should scale this down to a number they know they are capable of hitting consistently. Athletes will rest 90 seconds after each round.
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:
30 Wall Balls, 9/7
15 Deadlifts B: 60/42.5 G: 70/47.5
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
WOD Brief:
We have a triplet as today’s workout. This work is light in weight and moderate in volume. With this combination we should look at breaking all this work up into manageable sets. Athletes must be aware that the chest and front deltoids will be burning significantly after the burpee box jumps and moving into the wall balls. This means the wall balls should be broken up from the start.
Thursday 7th June
Warm Up:
Row 400m
3 Rounds:
5 cal row
5 HR push ups
10 air squats

Back Squat
5×1 @ 95% of 1rm
2×5 @ 70% of 1rm
Coaches intent:
Today is a back squat strength session. We are working single reps now at the top end of our athletes %’s. This means we are nearing the end of this back squat cycle.
For Time (15 min Cap)
5 Rounds
60 Double Unders
30 Push Ups
WOD Brief:
Similar to last weeks workout of rowing and push jerks. This week we are doing Double unders and completing bodyweight push ups. Athletes should look to get through their DU’s as fast as possible to allow as long as possible to complete the required volume of push ups. These should be broken up into manageable sets and avoiding absolute fatigue.
Friday 8th June
Warm Up:
3 mins DU practice
3 Rounds:
5 empty barbell hang power snatches
5 empty barbell overhead squats
5x5m shuttle runs

Hang Squat Snatch
7×2 at 75% 1RM
Rest 1 min between sets
Coaches intent:
As a strength component. Today’s work is hang snatches. We are eliminating the pull from the ground. This will allow athletes to get used to their hip drive and triple extension, allowing them enough time to get underneath the bar.
Coaching the movement:
At setup, shoulders above the hips hips above the knees. Hips and shoulder rise at the same time up to the knee. Hips will explode through and have contact with the bar. They will look to shrug and pull with the elbows and punch out and catch the bar with fully extended arms at the bottom of their squat position.
AMRAP 10 mins
5 Hang Power Snatches B: 35/25 G: 52.5/35
30 Front Squats
7 Burpees
WOD Brief:
Athletes are again working snatches from the hang position. Except this time we are just receiving the bar in the power position. Nothing will change in terms of mechanics from the hang full snatches, we are still looking for the hip drive and triple extension, except this time not dropping to the bottom of the squat. They will be able to recover when doing their 7 Burpees
Saturday 9th June
On Saturday morning, instead of the usual WOD, come join us at Glasgow Green for few games of Ultimate Frisbee.
However, not your usual throw around on the beach with your dog.
Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played with a flying disc. It’s a cross between American football and Netball, where the aim is to catch the disc in the rectangular zone at the end of a field. It’s normally played 7v7 and on a football (soccer) sized pitch.
It’s easy to pick up, and everyone can join in. We’ll practise a few throws, a couple drills then split into teams. Just take your running shoes and enthusiasm!

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