Weekly WOD Programming 1st – 6th April

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Weekly WOD Programming 1st – 6th April

Monday 1st April

Warm Up:
Ass Bike 400m
3 Rounds:
20 Second Hs hold
10 Barbell Front Squats
5 Barbell Strict Press

Strict Press
Sets every 2min
*Allow 7 mins to build to working weight

Coach’s Intent:
Our strength work today is the beginning of our new pressing cycle. Athletes will be kicking off with a strict press. 5 sets of 3. We are to allow our athletes 7 mins to build up to their working weight. We want this to be heavy but avoiding failure.
Coaching the movement:
With a solid base underneath the body, athletes should take a deep breath in bracing the midline and glutes. Pulling the head back early we then press the bar from the shoulders. We are looking for a straight bar path from shoulder to overhead.
4 DBL DB Squats B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
8 DBL DB Squats
12 DBL DB Squats
WOD Brief:
Our workout today is an ascending rep AMRAP. We are working with two movements, a DBL DB squat. Athletes may choose to hold these DBS any way they please. This is followed by a kipping HSPU. The intent of this workout will be to complete as much of the workout unbroken as possible. We may have to look at breaking the HSPU for less experienced athletes to avoid complete failure.

Tuesday 2nd April

Warm Up:
400m Ass Bike
3 Rounds:
10 Banded good mornings
5 Burpees
5 Box Jumps

20 Mins find 3rm

Coach’s Intent:
Our strength work today is the beginning of our latest minor cycle. We will be testing the 3rm. As always when testing we will allow our athletes 20 mins to build up to their max. This is an initial test, athletes should not be disheartened if no improvement on previous max.
Coaching the movement:
Setting the body tight, athletes will hinge at the hip, bending from the knee to the barbell. Driving through the ground, maintaining shoulders over the bar athletes will rise with hips and shoulders at the same time. Going to extension at the hip by pushing the glutes through toward the barbell to lock out their rep.
For Time (9-11 min cap)
Deadlift B: 80/60 G&R: 100/70
Box Jumps B: 24/20 G&R: 30/24
WOD Brief:
Finishing off with a shortish workout again consisting of 2 movements. Athletes will work with a moderately heavy deadlift for a moderately high volume of reps. Coupled with a high box jump. The intent of this workout will to be complete each round of deadlifts in no more than 3 sets, chipping away at the high box jumps in a fashion where our clients can move consistently through the time cap.

Wednesday 3rd April

Warm Up:
Tabata Plate Hops and Wall sit (8x :20 on :10 off)
3 Rounds:
20 Single unders
20 Double unders
10 KB swings
5 Goblet squats

Gymnastics Strength:
Strict Pull Up
4×3 Weighted Pull Ups + 12-15 Banded Strict Pull Ups
Rest 2 mins between sets

Coach’s intent:
Throughout our small gymnastics cycle for April we will be focussing on our pulling. We will target, strength, endurance, kipping and strict. Today we are kicking off with endurance. We have got Low volume weighted pull ups working on our strength, immediately into high volume banded pull ups, targeting our muscular endurance through the pulling motion.
Coaching the movement:
With a hollow body and full extension of the arms, athletes will pull down hard on the bar rising until their chin clears the pull up bar. We should think about squeezing the shoulder blades together at the top of the rep to complete the final pull.
For Time (12-15 min cap)
10 Rounds
7 DBL DB Squat Cleans B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
35 Double unders
WOD Brief:
Today’s workout consists once again of 2 movements, for time. We have a high volume of rounds. Athletes have a DBL DB squat clean and double unders. For more advanced athletes we should should be encouraging unbroken rounds from the beginning. Less experienced athletes may have to break the DBs into 2 sets and decrease the volume of double unders, to perform these unbroken.
Thursday 4th April
Warm Up:
600m Ass Bike
3 Rounds:
5 Barbell OHS
10 Push ups
10 Sit ups

Snatch  (Full depending on mobility)
4×3 @75% of 1rm
2×8 @60% of 1rm
Sets every 2min
For Time (9-12 min cap)
50 Med Ball Sit Ups B: 7/4 G&R: 9/7
50 Push Ups
50 DB Overhead Squats B: 15/10 G&R: 22.5/17.5
WOD Brief:
Today’s workout is high volume light weight. We should be moving through each movement at pace performing large sets. It would be a detriment for our athletes to try to achieve large sets of push ups. Once this movement is fatigued it will take reduce the intensity of the workout.

Friday 5th April

Warm Up:
400m Med ball run
3 Rounds:
60m shuttle run
5 Standing med ball throws
5 Wall balls

Back Squat
5×3 @80% of 1rm
Sets every 2:30

Coach’s Intent:
Our strength work today is a strength maintenance session, whilst we focus particularly on the press and deadlift. Athletes will today work at a moderately heavy weight for their reps. 80% for 5 sets of 3.
Coaching the Movement:
Bracing the torso nice and tight, we should think about pulling the elbows in tight to the body, locking in the back, then pulling the ribs down toward the hips. Sitting the hips back and down, keeping weight through the heels, we want to be driving up through the bar leading with the chest.
For Time (12-14 min cap)
5 Rounds
300m Run
10 Pull Ups
15 Wall Balls B: 7/4 G&R: 9/7

Saturday 6th April

warm Up:
Run 500m
3 Rounds:
10 Scorpions
3 Hang power cleans
3 Front squats

Partner Strength:
Death By Push Up
Once you have reached failure move straight to
Death By Kipping Pull Ups
Score is total completed rounds between the pair.

Partner WOD:
20 Min AMRAP
5 x Power Cleans @ BW
5 x Front Squats @ BW
BW is mean body weight between the pair.
Partners do a round each throughout the 20min.

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