Weekly WOD Programming 15th – 20th April

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Weekly WOD Programming 15th – 20th April

Monday 15th April
Warm up:
Row 400m
3 Rounds:
10 Knees to chest
5 Hang power cleans
5 Front squat

7×1 Power clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat @75% of 1rm
Sets every 2min
For Time (12 min cap)
3 rounds
50 Air Squats
21 Alt DB Snatch B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
15 TTB
Tuesday 16th April
Warm Up:
400m Row
3 Rounds:
3 Hang power snatch
20 Second HS hold

Strict Pull Up
4×3 Strict C2B + 4 Pull Ups + 7 Ring Rows
Rest 2 mins between rounds
15 Min AMRAP
30 V-ups
20 DBL DB Clean and Jerk B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
110 Double Unders
Wednesday 17th April
Warm Up:
400m Ass Bike
3 Rounds:
5 Barbell front squats
5 Barbell strict press
5 Barbell thrusters

Romanian Deadlift lowers
5×7 @70% of 3rm
Sets every 2:30
For Time (8 min cap)
30 Thrusters B: 52.5/35 G&R: 70/47.5
Thursday 18th April
Warm Up:
Ass Bike 600m
3 Rounds:
10 Single arm OH DB Lunge
10 Shoulder taps
12 Mountain climbers

Kipping Pull Up
4×5-10 Kipping Pull Ups + 5 DBL DB Bent Over Rows
2 Mins rest between sets
For Time (10-13 min cap)
30 DBL DB Box Step Overs B: 15/10 G: 22.5/15 R: 25/17.5
30 Box Jumps B: 20/16 G&R: 24/20
20 DBL DB Box Step Overs
30 Box Jumps
10 DBL DB Box Step Overs
30 Box Jumps
Friday 19th April
Good Friday Park WOD!
Join us this Good Friday for our first Park WOD of the year!
Meeting by the gazebo on the Green we will be running a special WOD to help you burn off all the calories you may be eating over the 🐣 period!
We won’t be releasing the WOD till we see you in the park, but be prepared for something challenging, yet fun!
We are running a limited class schedule during the day due to it being a holiday, but because it’s outside we will be lifting the class limit so there is a place for everyone! – make sure and book your place in the class and let us know you are coming!
The weather is supposed to be great that day too! Looking forward to this being the first of many this year!
Saturday 20th April
Warm Up:
Tabata: Plate hops + Goblet squats
3 Rounds:
5 DBL KB Clean and jerk
20 Single unders
10 Double unders
10 sit ups

Partner Strength:
30 Rounds For Time
Bear Complex @ Average Body Weight of partners
Partner WOD:
200 x Hang Power Snatch B: 52.5/35 G&R: 60/42.5
10 cal assault bike penalty for each drop

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