Weekly Online Prescription 30th March – 4th April

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Weekly Online Prescription 30th March – 4th April

Monday 30th March

Warm up: 


10 T-Plank to Downward Dog/Box Handstand

16 Shoulder Taps


Gymnastic Capacity: 

100 Ab Mat Sit Ups For Time

Rest 1 min between this and the next part

50 Burpees for Time

Rest 2 min between this and the next part

Plank Hold for Max Time


With weights over 20/17.5 perform

10 – 1

Squat Cleans

Strict Press

With Weights over 15/10 perform


Squat Cleans

Shoulder to Overhead

With Weights under 15/10 perform


Squat Cleans

Shoulder to Overhead

With Body Weight perform 


Air Squats

Press Ups


Tuesday 31st March

Warm Up: 




Rebecca Hall’s Gymnastic Midline Routine!



A WOD honouring the men and women working to protect the nation in our time of greatest need. The NHS was founded on the 5th July 1948.

12 Rounds For Time – One for each hour of a standard shift

5 Handstand Press Ups – Sub for 10 Press Ups

7 Devil Press – Sub for 14 Burpees

19 Weighted Squats, Max 42.5/30 – Sub for 38 Air Squats

48 Double Unders – Swap for 48 Single Skips or 48 Jumping Jacks.


Wednesday 1st April 

Warm Up: 


Jumping Jacks

Back Extensions

Squat Thrusts




Tricep Dips



For time:

50 x Burpee + Push-up + Jumping Jack + Sit-up + Handstand


Thursday 2nd April

Warm Up: 




Jumps over your deadlift weight




Bicep Curls


5 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts for weights 50/40 or more
25 AbMat Sit-ups
5 rounds for time of:
20 Deadlifts for weights 30/20 or more
25 AbMat Sit-ups


5 rounds for time of:
25 Deadlifts for weights 15/10 or more
25 AbMat Sit-ups

Friday 3rd April 

Warm Up: 

Tabata 8 x :20 on :10 off

Hollow Body Hold

Arch Body Hold



3 RDS of :50 sec on :10 off of the following two exercises

Single Leg Glute Bridge, Right Side

Single Leg Glute Bridge, Left Side


Every 1 min for 36 mins, alternating between:

16 Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps

14 V-up Sit-ups

12 Air Squats + Half Air Squat

10 Push-ups

8 Burpees Rest 1 min


Saturday 4th April

Warm Up: 

In Pairs – You Go, I Go

6min AMRAP

6 Bastardos


Prison Strength Routine: 

Do 5 Rounds of the following Circuit

10 Arnold Press

1 X 21’S Bicep Curls

10 Pike Handstand Push Ups/Box Handstand Push Ups

10 Tricep Kickbacks (each side)

10 Floor Press (each side)

Partner WOD: 

4 rounds for time of:

40 Front Squats

40 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls

40 Push Press

200 Jump Rope (Singles)s

Teams of two. Each athlete does half the reps with the weight then holds their weight while their partner performs their half of the reps. The weight cannot be put back down for the entire workout. Athlete 1 does 20 Front Squats to start while Athlete 2 rests. Then Athlete 2 does 20 Front Squats while Athlete 1 rests (while holding the weight) and so on. When Athlete 1 finishes the PP they move to the jump rope singles. Athlete 2 will complete their PP reps then hold the weight however they want until Athlete 1 returns for the second round of Front Squats.


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