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What our clients say

The workouts here are really bloody tough and I often get a bit of dread. However, for the last ten months every single one has been different and the ‘dread’ is always eclipsed by how good I have felt afterwards and for the rest of the day. I am getting the hang of the movements and seeing improvement, but I am happiest about the fact I can get up my stairs quicker, lift my five year old more easily and I have moved down a couple notches on my belt.

Jason Milne

Omnipotent is fab! I’m very new to Crossfit but have been welcomed by Tony and all the guys at Omnipotent since day 1. Even though I scale almost every work out I still feel I can push myself with the great coaches. I still don’t know what the names of the lifts are but who knew I could actually enjoy weightlifting. I would recommend this to anyone who is even thinking about trying it. Come along and see!

Emma Galloway

The gains experienced in 9 months at omnipotent is testament to the incredible coaching and programming by TC and the gang. More importantly, the camaraderie from the community made hitting all these milestones so special. Everyone is welcoming, and really wants you to do your best!
Don’t be intimidated! If you’re thinking about joining, remember everyone starts somewhere and everyone in the gym is human! My biggest regret is not joining sooner!

Amber Sinclair