Hand tears from CrossFit? You need these in your life!

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Hand tears from CrossFit? You need these in your life!

So eventually in your CrossFit life you will succumb to the dreaded hand tears that you see all the pictures of on the internet.
Im sorry to say but this is an eventual occurrence. If you are pushing the boundaries of your fitness and strength, then this is going to happen to you.
Don’t worry though – of course it hurts – the first times more than any – but it does get better over time.
You see callouses are our bodies way of gripping more – as the stimulus of gripping becomes greater, your body automatically improves its ability to grip more by developing hard skin around the areas that are being used the most.
Unfortunately as the skin on top of the callous becomes tough – during the high volume of work done by your hands found in CrossFit WODs, the skin underneath the hard callous can become warm from the friction and end up with the top tough skin tearing completely off.
Now, this stings, a lot. However it doesn’t mean that you have to stop training for a couple of weeks while they heal up. You can easily construct a protective guard from athletic tape (that can be purchased from the Omnipotent CrossFit shop) using the video instruction below:

The slings that are shown in the video above can also be used to protect against your hands tearing in the future and are completely re-usable – keep them in your gym bag – or in your lifters so they can be grabbed in a hurry to provide you with essential hand protection.
In term of repairing your hands after they have teared – stay tuned for part 2 of our hand care article!
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Coach TC

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