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****Got any friends that would like to give CrossFit a try?****

On Thursday the 5th of march we are having our first ‘Bring A Friend WOD’ of 2020!

All day we are offering 3 places in each class for a current member to bring along their buddy for a completely free class!

Classes available that day are as follows:

6:15 am (AKA Zombies)

10am (AKA Shift workers)

12:15pm (AKA High Nooners)




7:30pm (AKA Night Shifters)

No experience of CrossFit is necessary for this fantastic workout! Think an all levels sweat-fest!!

If you know someone that would like to come along to a session on Thursday the 5th March please let me know their contact details by shooting an email over to [email protected] Places in each WOD are limited so please let me know as soon as you can to reserve you and your buddy’s place!

Booking restrictions have been lifted for this day so you can book your place straight away to avoid disappointment!

We will be running more of these throughout the year so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to show your mates our great community!

The team at Omnipotent CrossFit

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